Undergraduate Degrees

Interdisciplinary studies majors actively design their own curriculum, combining two or three disciplines.

International students earning their undergraduate degree can save between $6,000-$8,000 off tuition in scholarships per academic year, making their education more affordable than ever. Awarded scholarships begin year 2.

The purpose of the Department of Art is to provide students with undergraduate competencies in the theoretical and applied forms and processes of visual art. The major offers the opportunity to study in such varied areas as ceramics, digital photography, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and art history.
Courses within the Department of Biology are designed to serve a diverse community of students planning careers in science, medicine or allied health sciences; students planning careers as science teachers; and those with an avocation interest in living organisms. Students also have the opportunity to participate in directed or independent study research initiatives.
Business Administration
Business Administration involves the study of a wide variety of topics related to all types of for-profit and non-profit organizations. Available areas of study in the WVSU program include: Accounting, Energy Management, Finance, International Business, Management, Management Information Systems and Marketing. Students who earn a degree in this field may look forward to work as auditors, corporate marketing executives, certified financial planners, business consultants, database administrators and other exciting careers.
The Department of Chemistry offers three B.S. Chemistry degree options: ACS Certified, Applied Chemistry and Pre-Medical/Pre-Pharmacy Science. Depending on the option chosen, students are prepared for graduate studies in chemistry, immediate employment or entry into professional schools such as those of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Majors work in a student-centered learning environment, gain hands-on experience and conduct research under the guidance of faculty mentors.
Communications is an interdisciplinary area of study utilizing diverse perspectives from the fields of humanities, social sciences and information technology. Students can choose one of six areas of emphasis: Journalism/Writing, Visual Media, Theatre, Broadcasting, Film or Public Relations.
Computer Science
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This program teaches students about object-oriented and procedural programming techniques, data structures and database management, operating systems and distributed computing in order to provide them with a fundamental understanding of those concepts of computer science which will enable them to adapt to and function in any current computing environment.
Criminal Justice
The mission of the Criminal Justice Department is to prepare students for roles as knowledgeable citizens and responsible criminal justice professionals in a global society. Students must complete at least one of the following certificate programs: Generalist, Corrections, Investigation or Law Enforcement. Students will gain a knowledge base that prepares them for successful careers in law enforcement, corrections, probation/parole, juvenile justice and social services, as well as graduate school and law school.
Economics is a broad discipline that studies the production, consumption and transfer of wealth and resources. Students in the Economics program must choose one of three areas of concentration for their studies: Business Economics, International Economics or Social Science Economics. Graduates are typically employed in the financial industry at banks, insurance companies and money management firms, as well as in government, international corporations, regulatory agencies and more.
The Department of Education nurtures future teachers through a formation process to become exemplary educators in the region, state and nation. This program requires candidates to demonstrate that:
1. They are focused on public school student achievement and success.
2. They are role models for public school students.
3. They have the potential to be a member of the teaching profession. Students may specialize in one of seven areas.
The purpose of instruction in the Department of English is to develop graduates who are proficient in analytical thinking, in critical reading of literary and non-fictional texts, and in a variety of writing modes. Students may choose to concentrate in one of three areas: Literature, Professional Writing or Technical Writing. English majors can go into numerous fields after graduation, including advertising, business management, politics or journalism, or continue with graduate studies.
Health and Human Performance
The Health and Human Performance Department offers two programs:
1. Health Sciences
2. Tourism and Sports Studies
Health and Human Performance students prepare to assume positions delivering leisure programs to communities, health organizations, schools, non-profit agencies and businesses. The program focuses on the utilization of leisure as a resource to assist community agencies, families, individual schools and others in developing a healthy, fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.
The History Department is committed to the principle that the investigation of the broad and diverse panorama of the human experience over time fosters principles of freedom, reason and tolerance in society. Rigorous study, judicious analysis, and extensive reading and writing prepare students for careers in the fields of information management, museum curation, archeology, economic development and other professions in the field of public history or for further study at the graduate level.
International Studies
The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies in an interdisciplinary degree program designed to prepare students for the multicultural global village in which we live. The degree consists of five concentration areas: Africana Studies; Communication; International Business; International Relations; and Foreign Language. Job opportunities may include positions in international, government and non-government organizations, marketing, education, language services, international law, foreign trade, journalism, foreign affairs, humanitarian services and more.
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in four options: Actuarial Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Classical Mathematics and Computational Science. The program endeavors to prepare students for graduate programs and a variety of industry and teaching jobs.
The WVSU Department of Music prepares and develops elementary, middle and high school music teachers who are sound musicians and cultured individuals and whose personalities are suited to teach and inspire young students with the power of music. The Music Department offers courses in education, theory, history, appreciation, conducting and technology. Music majors emphasize in an instrument, in voice or in piano and must audition to apply.
Political Science
WVSU is proud to boast three unique aspects of our Political Science program, namely our highly qualified faculty, our proximity to the state capital — the polestar of state and local government — and our student-centered approach to baccalaureate education. The Political Science program offers three courses of study: a General Political Science major, a Pre-Law concentration and a concentration in Public Administration and Public Policy. Graduates may work as elected officials or in law, business, media, education, academic research or non-profit organizations.
The Psychology program at WVSU trains students seeking to enter public service, professional training or both. Students receive a broad education in all areas of the field including social, physiological, developmental, abnormal and clinical psychology. Psychology is an almost universally applicable field, meaning students are prepared for jobs in areas as varied as mental health, advertising, education, personnel, administration and social work.
Social Work
The undergraduate Social Work program at WVSU has a long tradition of preparing students for beginning generalist practice in a unique and culturally diverse learning environment. Social workers may be employed by hospitals, community centers, homeless shelters, schools or substance abuse programs or work in private practice. In addition to class work, students can expect to spend a substantial amount of time over the course of the program engaged in field instruction.
Sociology is the scientific study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Because sociology addresses the most challenging issues of our time, it is a rapidly expanding field whose potential is increasingly tapped by those who construct policies and create social programs. The degree forms an excellent background for those who desire careers in social services, law, ministry, government services, teaching, personnel management, industrial policies, marketing and much more.

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